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Druzy Quartz and Howlite Bracelet Set

Druzy Quartz and Howlite Bracelet Set

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This stunning set of bracelets include a combination of 2 gold bangles and 3 elastic aged bracelets which can be interchangeably worn.

The crystals and stones used in this set are Druzy Quartz and Howlite Stone. 

Druzy quartz healing properties are said to bring relaxation, creativity, and mental clarity. The stone may empower you with greater self-love and lower stress, along with preventing feelings of sorrow or abandonment.

Druzy Quartz refers to a layer of minute quartz crystals that have crystallized on the surface of a quartz based mineral. Druzy Quartz has a sugar-like appearance. They are often found in the hollow cavity of Agate geodes.

Howlite is a borate mineral known for its chalky white appearance with dark veins, symbolizing patience and perspective. Healing Properties: Serving as a calming stone, Howlite soothes the body, mind, and spirit, promoting wisdom, raising awareness, and granting clear vision.

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